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Reasonable Rates for Mitigation Systems! We Specialize in Residential Radon Mitigation and offer the following:

State professional license # RNM2010211
Radon mitigation and testing.
We guarantee results below 3.9 pCi/L
Fast Installation to meet closing deadlines.
Free inspections and estimates
We offer evening and weekend hours .
Radon certified, in business for 19 years.
Fully insured and meet NEHA radon standards.
Written guarantees and contracts for closings.
Lifetime guarantee on all radon installations.

Mission Statement:

Superior Radon Mitigation's mission is to be a leader in soil gas mitigation by providing a client oriented mitigation service. Mitigation systems by Superior Radon Mitigation LLC will be the most effective and the least intrusive by design. Supporting this mission, Superior Radon Mitigation LLC will apply knowledge of soil-gas entry and building dynamics, to design mitigation systems that will stop radon entry while minimizing building utility consumption, as well as any impact to building aesthetics. Technology advances in soil-gas re-mediation will be evaluated and implemented as they arise. Superior Radon Mitigation will always offer the best in radon re-mediation. Superior Radon Mitigation LLC is a radon mitigation company serving Southern Wisconsin

Some general information about mitigation systems:

Radon is most often kept out of buildings by some form of depressurization in the area surrounding the building foundation. This is achieved by a system of plastic pipe and an inline fan or blower to provide vacuum. Most home owners want to keep radon out of their house without changing their homes appearance. They also do not want to hear the system, spend much money to operate it and like to have minimal conditioned air (house air) loss. People want to know the system is always running to protect the building occupants and know that the system will continue to operate for years to come.

Why choose Superior Radon Mitigation LLC?

All radon mitigation systems installed by Superior Radon Mitigation LLC are designed especially to avoid impacting the aesthetics of your home. Every effort is made to route the system within walls of the building. This is typically done by placing the stack (3" schedule 40 PVC pipe), away in the corner of a closet or through the garage. A virtually silent fan is located in the attic of the attached garage. A through roof exhaust stack is painted to match any existing vent pipes. On some homes, an interior run system may not be possible to install without major alterations to the building. On these buildings a system is placed on the outside of the building, usually behind a chimney or on the side of the house located with other utilities such as; gas meter, electric meter, heat pump or landscaped plants or bushes. When placed near a corner of the building, the stack is often mistaken by passers by as a rain gutter down spout. These exterior systems can be painted custom colors to match house siding or colored rain gutters.

The fans used by Superior Radon Mitigation LLC cannot be heard in the living space of the house. Systems are designed to not interfere with future plans for basement space. Keep in mind that radon mitigation systems often reduce humidity in basements by controlling the moisture that enters your home along with the other soil gases.